The Nameless Men

Almost all the issues that in our view demand the Truthteller’s harsh bright light are deeply connected ultimately to the great corporations. That’s readily apparent in political financing, Wall Street regulation, trade, and in the issues of energy consumption and climate change. But great corporations are also intimately involved in the choices our politicians make for us with respect to taxes, how we use public resources, educational policies, immigration policies, labor regulations, and the rights of workers, especially, in the current era, female workers.

It’s difficult to find even one significant issue where the large corporations do not have a political ax to grind. War, the terms of peace, the protection of intellectual property, the funding of national science and health research, all are of active concern to the (mostly) men who run the big companies that, collectively, define the conditions for life on this planet.

Even population and birth control are a vital issue for the great corporations. Since the rise of the global consumer goods economies, which emerged in Europe in the middle of the 19th century, then spread to every corner of the globe, a major concern of the global sellers was that nations needed to have growing populations, first to buy the goods they were exporting to these countries, then to provide young workers to make more goods which they could then export to still other countries.

We’ll have much to discuss here as we explore the role played by big Capital in the world. But we want to ensure we acknowledge the largely faceless, largely male lower and mid-level employees who carry out the will of the Masters of Industry in New York, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai, and the dozen other major centers of global corporate power.

Here then, our faceless, possibly soulless, Nameless Man, in “Career Path“.