Whose health?

The now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t Official Trumped-up Republican approach to “fixing” health care would be just another Trump policy disaster in the making if it were not so nefarious.

The primary reasons the Repubs have been trying to repeal Obamacare for 7 years are to:

  • Kill the special taxes on the wealthy that were “bundled” with the ACA to pay for it — “repeal” means a huge tax break for the 1%, and a monstrous tax break for the richest 1/10th of the 1%
  • Put the health insurance industry back in control of all non-Medicare health insurance
  • Severely cut Medicaid over time
  • Force hospitals and state governments to pay for the huge increase in medical expenses that will result once Obamacare is dead, and no longer covers some 20 million working class, poor seniors, and single moms.
The Republican alliance of big business, right-wing Christians, and self-styled fiscal conservatives is, as always, mouthing about their faux “principles” while redistributing wealth and income upward.

Do the whites who run things give a crap about the poor, the working poor, students, and seniors? Of course not, and why should they — these impoverished groups will not vote to stop Ryan and Trump and the Koch Brothers.

So long as roughly 45% of voters refuse to go to the polls, and the Democratic Party continues to focus on the demographics of the future, we will have a society where 20% has all the privileges and 80% is stuck with the pain.

Welcome to Twitocracy

All this week, we’ve been treated to a parade of unqualified Cabinet Secretarial and other nominations. If one is hoping for an administration that governs with fairness, efficiency, and transparency, one will probably want to ignore these hearings, and skip all the others coming in the first few months of the Trump Twitocracy. Yes, even that one, the one to fill the empty Scalia seat on the Supreme Court.

In his so-called news conference Wednesday, Trump showed with more clarity than ever that

  • He’s determined not to treat the media with respect, nor does he feel compelled to answer their questions seriously
  • He’s incapable of making a cogent English sentence
  • He’s completely unconcerned with and apparently disconnected mentally from the process of assembling a Cabinet and getting it approved by the Senate
  • He’s determined to replace the terrible Justice Scalia with someone just as right-wing in outlook, and just as determined to see the words of the original U.S. Constitution frozen in time, right up there with the Laws of Moses
  • He’s as thin-skinned and irascible as ever, going ballistic over allegedly unproven accusations of paid kinky sex with Russian prostitutes, many of whom can be assumed to have been under-age — causing many to wonder if the famous Orange womanizer, spoiled playboy. and self-confessed pussy-grabber doth protest too much
  • He’s totally unaware how Ryan, Pence, Priebus, and McCon are playing him, how the Alt-Right is playing him, how the great corporations are playing him, how the Koch brothers and their Agents of No are playing him, and how they’ll collectively ensure his place in American history: as the President who turned the civil rights and social equality clock back fifty years.

Equally scary, he still has no concept of the corrosive effects of not distancing his Presidency from his convoluted business holdings and deals — or, possibly, he does understand how potentially disastrous his stance can be, and chooses to ignore the risks so he can focus on his only goals: self-adulation, family and personal profit, and “branding”.

His selfishness and utter disregard for civility and the public good explains why his main preoccupation seems to be getting his son-in-law into a key advisory position in his Administration, to join Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway. Trump is already demonstrably blinded by his willful ignorance, but his triumvirate of “advisors” will ensure that all sounds of public outrage, all matters of urgent national interest, and all details of governmental policy will be filtered, with none getting through the triple-faced wall of fog to bother the self-adoring, emotionally troubled, unthinking adolescent we’ve elected President.