Your Truthteller wants to know: Could Trump self-dump?

After a terrible convention, a disastrous acceptance speech, a week of classic (meaning ill-worded and unfunny) Trump tweets, an unremitting, unapologetic assault on the parents of a dead Muslim-American war hero, and a flat “serious” economic speech touting — no, it’s not possible! — rehashed establishment Repub economics, topped off by Trump’s slyly “joking” invitation to “Article Two types” to assassinate Clinton or any Supreme Court Justice she may earn the opportunity to nominate, one would think even Trump would have had enough. Especially since all four weeks’ worth of these wounds had been self-inflicted, to the wailing chorus of hundreds of senior, patriotic members of the Republican Party, busily and publicly disavowing him and his blowhard, bullying, befuddled, threats and scare tactics. It was obvious: Agent Orange’s poisonous campaign to steal the Presidency right out from under the noses of the largely ill-informed older white working class guys who’ve been bamboozled into supporting him was finally imploding.

We’ll put this apparent collapse of voter support for Trump, his out-sized, hateful ranting, and his inconsistent, illogical, and undefined agenda into quantitative terms in the update of our Battleground States Electoral Vote map this weekend.

Numbers and likely November election results aside, the past eight weeks of Republican fiascoes raises a question that few of us could have imagined posing as recently as the middle of June:

Is it possible that Trump could do what he’s vaguely threatened to do earlier in the year, and simple withdraw from the contest?

All my instincts shout “No way!” But my instincts have failed me often when it comes to guessing the likely behavior of this caged, crazed, crippled beast.

With a normal, rational, public-spirited person, we could make a well-reasoned list of the pros and cons facing him as he views the collapsing dream of personal glory from his penthouse windows high in the sky. I mean a really tough list of reasons for continuing or walking away from the contest. Full disclosure: I’ve started such a list, that being a basic first step in the kind of Delphic forecasting I specialize in.

But Wednesday, as Trump shouted that President Obama and his then-Secretary of State were, holy hairspray!, the founders of ISIS!, thereby demonstrating once again that this buffoon has no concept of rational thinking, planning, or even the most rudimentary command of facts, I was struck: what are the chances any of us normal folks could make any list that would give us a clue to what he will do?

And even then, at this late point in a campaign riddled with failed Republican attempts to get on track or stay on message, who could be sure that, after saying he’ll do something, Trump won’t soon turn about and do the opposite? It seems obvious that he’s happier to see his “allies” and the general establishment types squirm than actually doing any meaningful, focused work to win the election.

So once again we see Reince Priebus and the Republican National Committee scurrying en mass to a meeting in Orlando in the hopes of putting a leash on this overgrown orange wildebeest. Surely the few remaining rational Republicans must be saying, now he will change.

The outcome of this crisis meeting won’t be different, dear political flyweights; it will be more of the same chaos. How can I be so certain? Hint: the meeting will not include Humpty Trumpty himself.

Instead of righting the non-campaign, the meeting will doubtless bring Trump and his hangers-on one step closer to the real decision point, namely, the point where he decides to stay in the race and see himself re-branded as America’s Greatest Loser, or walks away just before the first debate and finding himself labeled forever as the Bully Who Was Afraid To Fight A Woman, or simply fails to show up for the debate, claiming the whole thing is “rigged”, and heads for the first hole of the nearest Trump golf course.

I cannot be sure at this point if he’ll continue or quit, and if the latter, how or when.

But I can be sure of this, Donald: you’ll be ending this sorry excuse for a campaign hiding in a hole, and it won’t be deep or large enough for you to conceal your failures, and it won’t be far enough away for us to ever forget what a colossally unsuccessful con-artist you turned out to be.


Your Truthteller wants to know…about deportation

Greetings, Mr. Trump. Here’s another question the press and TV folks haven’t gotten around to asking you yet. Actually it’s a bundle of questions, each focused on your promise to make America great again by deporting illegal immigrants.

If elected, when will mass deportations begin? By April 1, 2017? Later? How much later? What will be the number of deportations in the first year of your presidency? Will all undocumented persons be deported by the end of your first term?

Please include answers to these follow-up questions. Will children born in the U.S. (and therefore being citizens) be deported with their parent or parents? Suppose the home country of the deportee(s) refuses to accept their children? Will your administration have some solution for abandoned children in place before the mass deportations begin? What about the homes and businesses owned by the deportees? Will Trump Properties assume ownership?

Please submit your answers to the above questions before the end of August, 2016.

PS: We still haven’t received your answer to our earlier question of June 27th, regarding the SCOTUS decision throwing out the Texas attempt to close down women’s health care clinics. We realize you have a new issue with one of the Supremes, but that should not prevent you from giving us the simple “yes” or “no” we requested.


Your Truthteller wants to know… about Texas

Greetings Mr. Trump. Here’s a question the press and TV folks haven’t gotten around to asking you yet.

Do you concur with the five to three vote U.S. Supreme Court ruling negating Texas’ restrictive laws regulating the rights of women to control their own reproduction choices?

Please make that a “yes” or a “no”. If you don’t understand the question, just say, “Don’t understand the question. Is this maybe about the Brexit thing?”

Please answer within ten days. If you fail to answer then we’ll conclude you have no intention of answering, and that refusal shall be distributed as your response.

Have a nice Day Number 132!