The Nameless Men


This year we’re mostly dedicating our Truthteller work to explaining the 2016 U.S. Election, at least from our point of view. That event promises to be a fulcrum point in the evolution of the American experiment, so it must necessarily command maximum attention. But the core of our own evolution as a socioeconomic analyst is our decades-long study of and first hand involvement with Big Capital.

“Career Path”

Big Capital is a key player in this election, as our readers surely know. And it’s the driving force behind the American policy of obstructing efforts to understand and mitigate climate change. So we’ll be working to help expose the ways Big Capital controls the trends that control much of our lives.

Those who out of choice or chance find themselves on the outside of the big corporate world looking in may be surprised to learn that for all the humorless BS in that world, there are occasional glimmers of humanizing wit.

As evidence, we offer the first in our series of “nameless men” cartoons.

(Please go to the separate nm page to track the progress of the series.)

King Donald the First

Rather than trying to round up and deport 12 million allegedly illegal aliens (along with who knows how many terrorists hiding out in places like Omaha), it would be much more efficient for Donald Trump and his followers to simply migrate to the American colony of Costa Rica.

Our country would save 50 billion dollars or more in legal expenses and salaries for tens of thousands of new Federal Marshals. We’d also be freed of his endlessly repeated noise.

But Donald would benefit too. He could get a real tan simply by going outside and taking off his hair. He’d have an endless supply of Taco bowls, along with thousands of stunning Latina girls to wait upon him.

And with all those girls at hand, he’d also have the perfect permanent home for a new Miss Underverse Pageant, focused solely on bras and thongs. No need to stage his pageants in far off dismal locations like Moscow. Even better, freed from the boring American TV network prudes, he could finally have the clothing-optional beach event he’s doubtless always dreamed about.

Best of all, Donald could create a real Trump University in Costa Rica for his followers, far from the annoying U.S. courts and biased anti-Trump judges. And think of all the fetching young Latina coeds he’d be able to personally instruct in the art of the deal! One among them could easily become Trophy Wife Number Four.

But the compelling physical attraction for the Donald would not be the adoring girls. He’s the greatest builder in the history of the world, as he will be the first to tell you. He could make billions from building the new casino and golf resorts his people would need. He could even hire his followers and the ex-pat residents to build the new Trump towers, condos, marinas, hotels and supermarkets. But on second thought, he’d probably hire the much cheaper locals, if any have not already left Costa Rica for the US.

Think this is stone cold crazy?

Think again. With all the billions he’ll claim to be bringing into the country, he’d basically be the King of Costa Rica within months. Finally, he could be a real king of something a little more impressive than an oversized airplane with gold faucets.

He’d jump at that. Not to mention those sultry chiquitas…