2016/06/10: Trump’s Days of Judge-ment

Yes? There in the back? You have a question?

Yeah. Why are all the Republican Partycrats all of a sudden throwing a hissy fit, acting like Trump is some kind of untouchable?

Great question! It’s certainly a first, seeing all these hypocrites lining up to show their hypocrisy on national TV.

On May 26th, The Donald wraps up the nomination. Within days, the great majority of the Republican party leadership fall in line behind him. But as of today, June 10th, just two weeks later, many of these same so-called leading Republicans in Congress, around the country, and among the donor class are showing their unease at being in the same party with Trump, never mind on the same stage or ballot with him.

How did the tsunami of support and endorsements suddenly turn into a groundswell of grumbling?

Here’s what happened.

As of the last week in May, Trump was seemingly fully in command of the Party. The “Never Trump” movement was near-death, and the GOP establishment had grudgingly accepted the inevitability of Trump as blowhard in chief.

Then, by a court ruling in Los Angeles May 29th, hundreds of pages of sealed testimony in the class action suit against Trump University were made public. Overnight, the story behind the failure of the fraudulent Trump operation re-emerged in the national consciousness in a major way.

Imagine the irony! Trump no sooner settles on “Crooked Hillary” as his insult of choice for Senator Clinton, and then just a few weeks later he himself is exposed as a real crook, a con artist who scammed an alleged $40 million dollars off thousands of students. Worse, these were not a bunch of other sleazebag businessmen he’d taken for a ride, but thousands of financially hard-pressed, desperate men and women whose only failing was to believe in the Donald’s bullshit.

All of a sudden, instead of lording it over the Republican big shots after his nomination rout, he’s on defense, threatened with the disastrous possibility he could well be indicted for fraud a few weeks after Election Day. Worse, instead of building a wall, Trump could fing himself behind one, provided at no charge by the U.S. government he loves to mock.

So, being Donald, he lashes out on the evening of May 29 at the Federal “Mexican” judge in the case who’s being “unfair” to him.

Now it’s one thing to be named as a fraud and rip-off king, but it’s an entirely different matter to accuse a U.S. judge and former star prosecutor of drug cartels of being unfair simply because his parents happened to have been born on what Trump views as the wrong side of the border.

What makes this particular Trump outburst so toxic in the eyes of his supporters is that on the one hand, it reveals the deep racism in the black hole where Trump’s heart is supposed to be, and on the other, it shows he has no comprehension of what “the rule of law” means.

Even if and as the Party faithful cringe and then publicly forgive Trump’s absolutely unforgivable attack on our system of justice and the rule of law as enshrined in the Constitution, there’s no way Americans of Hispanic descent are going to be forgetting or forgiving his slur. Just as they have not forgotten or forgiven all the other racist-tinged remarks he’s shouted in the past year.

As if all this wasn’t enough to reject Trump’s candidacy, in his feckless attempt to divert attention from his unUniversity scam by alleging unfairness in Judge Curiel’s courtroom, Donald has shown once again what a coward he is, denying responsibility and blaming others for his failings instead of taking responsibility.

But what of justice? Will Trump face prosecution? Will the thousands who were scammed receive restitution from the man they trusted to share his trivial “secrets” of “success”?

If history is any indication, the sad answer to both questions will probably be “no”.

Donald will escape punishment, leaving him free to gloat over his victims and the judge he has unconscionably maligned.

And the victims will receive nothing, except the small but satisfying recompense of seeing their lawsuit help show people why Trump’s Presidential ambitions must be denied.