What Do You Think: Why won’t Trump show us his tax returns?

Clinton has uploaded decades of tax returns for all to see, but the Donald has yet to show us even one measly year of financial data.

What is he trying to hide? Or is there some other reason he doesn’t want all his followers to see the numbers?

What’s your guess?

  1. He’s so busy being his own campaign manager, press officer, strategist, “speech” writer, and Twit-in-Chief that he simply has no time for boring details like coming clean with the voters
  2. He hid all the records in one of his two dozen homes and now can’t remember which one
  3. Or perhaps you agree with the pundits, who speculate that his returns will show that, although he makes hundreds of millions of dollars each year, he pays little to no U.S. taxes.

As damning as Number Three would prove in the eyes of the 14-plus million who voted for him in the Republican Primary, I’m convinced he’s cowering on this issue for a different reason:

He’s afraid ordinary Americans will be enraged when they learn he takes a multi-million dollar deduction to pay for his fat jumbo jet and its gold-plated fittings, calling it a “business expense”

He’s even more afraid what the media will do to him when they and the people realize that they, the over-burdened middle class taxpayers, are the suckers actually paying for Trump’s flying monster, and each and every one of the ego-trips he takes each tax year

Holy Flyin’ Elephants! All these screaming followers at his rallies have helped pay for Trump’s luxury travel at 30,000 feet. And all they have to show for it is a cheap red hat.

But it’s worse.

If he publishes tax returns showing he effectively didn’t pay any, the meanies of the NY Times and WaPo and Wall Street Journal will then demand to see the returns for his personal corporation, The Trump Organization.   Would they have a case? Well, the company is 100% owned by the Donald, and is therefore a personal asset. All of its income and expenses are, in reality, his income and expenses. So, yes, he would be ethically obligated to show the financial documents for his personal company in addition to the relatively unimportant personal return.

Why would this be a problem? Because the Trump Organization return would necessarily list all the real estate Trump controls, along with other assets which produce rents, operating fees, licensing fees, or any other type of income.

The world would suddenly know just how rich, or not rich, the Orange blowhard is.

In our judgment there is no way he would ever consent to revealing this information.

In 1593, King Henry of France decided to renounce his Protestant faith and become a Catholic, thereby securing the French throne but alienating millions of his Huguenot followers. This was surely as wrenching a political decision as publishing a bunch of personal business tax returns.

When asked why he did it, the witty Henry answered, “Paris (meaning the French throne) is well worth a Mass.”

We have all seen that Donald Trump is incapable of such boldness, and at heart, doesn’t trust the American voters. Faced with the momentous choice of financial transparency or keeping his true wealth, or lack of it, hidden, we feel certain he would look wistfully at the fleeting Presidency, and say, “The White House is not worth the complete collapse of the Trump legend, image and brand.”

We will not see his tax returns. Do not watch this space.