Dead man tweeting

Trump is done. He showed this by sticking several forks, er, tweets, in himself early this morning. Characteristically, each whiny message reverse-brags in typically Trumpian bravissimo, in these instances claiming to be the best at being the worst:

At 4:39, he complained:

“With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special councel (sic) appointed!”

That’s because there were no prosecutable illegal acts by Clinton and Obama, but Trump cannot stomach that, even with his bloated belly. In his 13-year old heated mind, our Bully-in-Chief needs them to have committed crimes, so his own nefarious deeds can outrank theirs: he “wins” by being awarded a special counsel! Nah nah ni nah nah, so there!

Sick, indeed.

At 4:52, presumably after a satisfying visit to his golden throne, he elevates his status as a hunted animal even further, with:

“This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!”

Or, inside his paranoid, sex-befuddled brain, where greatness is everything, “I’m the biggest beast in the forest, ever! It’s taking the entire Media plus the loser Democrats and the Deep State hordes to bring me down. Color me awesome!”

All this would be wonderful low comedy, watching Trump lurch and stumble over his own tail of self-made errors and lies as the forces of truth and justice close in for the kill – potentially a summer-long chase scene rivaling any of the teenage blockbusters screaming at your local multiplex – as the entire backward-facing agenda of Ryan and his Republican cronies stews in the summer heat. Picture a gang of cringing politicians toiling over a boiled mess of laws designed to eliminate progressive values from our country, afraid to watch the Trump hunt, afraid his end could foreshadow their own. A real block bluster, Trump and his minions and Jackals on the run, while Ryan grinds his teeth down to the point where his famously phony, falsely sincere smile looks like the drooling mouth of an old man who forgot to put in his dentures. Delicious! Popcorn, anyone?

I said “would be wonderful”, and it would be, except for the shadowy presence of Mike Pence, waiting like a hangman at the end of Trump’s short-lived tweet tyranny.

As discussed in several earlier posts, the end of Trump’s clown-car regime means the beginning of the Pence parade, and the potential passage of the cruel right-wing agenda espoused by Ryan and backed by his ultra-rich and corporate supporters. For starters, a huge tax cut for these fewest of the fortunate few disguised as a repeal and replacement of Obamacare, then more tax cuts masquerading as “tax reform”, then an infrastructure bill intended to line the pockets of the big developer companies while ten million hard-pressed workers line up for jobs that will never happen. Oh, and let’s not forget the increases in the defense budget, designed to increase corporate profits while ostensibly increasing “national security”. Suuuure.

All this shoveling of your money to the richest one-tenth percent will neatly position Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and a hundred sorely-needed programs for the poor, sick, and elderly on the Conservative chopping block: these “entitlements” will need to be cut, reduced, whittled down to a twig because we can’t afford them anymore.

So, fellow progressives, by all means enjoy the entertaining spectacle of Trump on the run. Laugh at each blustering tweet, every bumbling denial, and each belabored White House response, or as the Chief clown himself calls them, “counter punches”.

But be warned: the Trump farce won’t last long, may not make it even to September. Then we get Pence, and that show ain’t gonna be nearly so funny.