100 days of zip, zero, nada

Never have so many expended so much shouting and lying to accomplish so little in one hundred days.

Unless one counts a sheaf of Executive Orders signed by the Adolescent-in-Chief, command blasts full of full of bluster and bombast that will mostly go nowhere and result in nothing.

But what about getting Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court?

Sure, we can agree that, thanks to McConnell’s theft of Obama’s SCOTUS appointment, plus some adroit nastiness on the part of conservative activist organizations across the country, the Gorsuch appointment counts as a win. But it’s a win for the country’s ultra right wing activists, not Trumpleorangeskin. And it’s certainly not a “win” for the American people, who can now look forward to a generation or more of SCOTUS rulings that will take power away from 99% of our citizens and give it to the large corporations and the rich persons that own or control them.

Turning the Supreme Court back fifty years: great for Trump’s Twitter Report Card and the mindless egos of his chest-thumping followers, Not so good for the rest of us. Ditto with the few other “accomplishments” of the Trumpocracy so far. Reversing critical Obama environmental and energy regulations, withdrawing support for family planning, approving dangerous, unneeded pipelines, killing public information about climate change, gearing up for the Great Deportation – all undermine the common good and many re-distribute wealth upward, continuing the Great Middle Class Rape started by Reagan.

Just angry words of a old Truthteller? Hardly. Read the Trump tax “plan” – all one fact-free page of it – hundreds of billions of dollars to the very richest one-tenth of one percent. Study the Obamacare repeal and non-replacement proposal – a hundred billion more in cash for the wealthiest Americans. See the Trump concept of “Infrastructure” funding: very few jobs, new airports, or bridges, schools, or energy-saving construction, but a fat half trillion in tax credits to the huge corporations.

It’s not fake news, friends: Trump is really out to gut the poor, the working, the professional, and the small business classes of our country so he can finally be accepted as one of the stylish rich people he’s always wanted to be. It is fake accomplishments though, delivered by a fake President.